Meaning of the Crest

Unleash the Fire Ministries crest meaning and magnitude lies solely in the value and significance of the symbols that lie therein. Colors are often used to signify the richness and depth of the relationship between God and man. Within this crest Red is a symbol of Christ’s love and life as shown in the earth through His blood atonement sacrifice which redeems, cleanses, and justifies us from sin. (Isaiah 1:18) Gold symbolizes royalty and transcendence, spiritual power, the glory of God and Divine presence of the Lord (Rev. 1:12-13), as well as the favour of the Lord (Esther 5:2). Copper, a mix of red and gold, symbolizes the Zeal of God (Ex. 24:17). White symbolizes triumph, righteousness, purity, and also bespeaks the holiness of the Lord (Rev. 7:9; 19:14).

As we focus our attention to the center of the crest, the gold Cross is the message of the Church for the salvation of the world in Christ. It is also the place where our will submits to God’s will. The Dove is the Holy Spirit; the Eagle is symbolic of a messenger, and is God’s prophetic office released in the earth. The Fire exemplifies the affects of the Lord’s transmission of His word to the messenger assigned to deliver it (Jer. 20:9). Fire also symbolizes that God is a consuming fire that purifies us wholly, and the zealousness within the Believer; the Bible symbolizes that this book is the only manual that governs our lives. Lastly, the white Swords symbolize the divine weapons and instruments of Creator God, and is symbolic of God’s Word (Is. 1:20, Prov. 12:18, Ephes. 6:17, Heb. 4:12). There are two swords, which speaks to covenant, mutuality, and accord, and to remind us that God’s own revelation is two-fold. The Old Covenant and the New are God’s sufficient testimony to man. The Law and Grace; Faith and Works! The second Person of the Godhead is specially called “the Faithful Witness” (Rev. 1:5).